Free Design Help

Free Design Help

In the immortal words of big '80s hair (as advertised by Vidal Sassoon), "If you don't look good, we don’t look good."


We'll use our apparel decoration expertise to perfect colors, sizing, and placement so that your custom decorated apparel is professional and what you’d expect it to be. Another vital part of your design project that we'll take care of is your artwork. Our expert designers will review, repair, and if necessary even recreate your graphic or logo. We won't print or embroider it unless it's going to come out awesome. Not going to happen. No way. Not on our watch.

After we work our magic, we'll provide you a proof – within 1 business day – so you can make sure we got it right.

Here are some common types of problems our artists and decorators will fix and other things they'll do for you (for free).

Optimize sizing, placement, and alignment

It's critical that your design is properly placed and reproduced on the garment in a conventional location. The last thing you want are problems like a crooked logo.

Low resolution, pixilation

Hey, we get it, sometimes the best graphic you've got is low-res. Don't worry about it; we'll take care of that.

Reproduce from a photo

Want more of that t-shirt you printed for your bar mitzvah 20 years ago? Just send us a photo. We'll redraw that hilarious or embarrassing graphic for you.

Create your image from instructions

Have a great idea for what you want to print on your shirt, but can't create the graphic yourself? If it's text, or even sometimes a very simple image, we can do it for free.

Remove backgrounds and frames

If your graphic has a frame, border, or unwanted background, we can remove all of that in not two, but just one shake of a lamb's tail.

Simplify image

Some graphics and even logos have too much detail or are just too busy to be used for a good embellishment. We'll let you know if that's the case for your project, and we'll even do the work to fix it.

Digitize for embroidery

Those fancy computerized commercial sewing machines need an equally fancy graphic file to stitch your design. We create those for you – at no additional charge.

Recreate in vector format with layers and half tones

The screen printing process has a number of requirements for proper image reproduction. Unless you're a graphic designer, they can get complicated, but that's something you can file in the "not my problem" folder. We'll take care of it.

Add, change, or remove text or other elements

Back by popular request…. we frequently update years, change names, and add or remove other text elements of customers’ designs. Easy peasy.

Remove colors

Sometimes for aesthetics, sometimes for cost, and sometimes for technical limitations, you want to reduce the number of colors in an existing image. For most people, that's not something they can do on their own. That’s where we come in.

Change colors

If you have the perfect graphic but want different colors – maybe to match your company or team – we can change them for you.

Resize for optimal printing

Unless you have a vector art file, resizing your graphic can be problematic – frequently leading to pixilation (think Pac Man). We’ll make your graphic the right size the right way.

Resize text element

Especially an issue with embroidery, letters and numbers have to be a certain size in order to be legible. We'll make sure your text is printed or stitched so the world can read it.

Fix distorted aspect ratio

Stretched out images belong on Silly Putty newspaper grabs (remember those); not your spiffy t-shirts and other decorated apparel. We'll make sure you're not a victim of insidious warped aspect ratios.


Being chromatically challenged is nothing to be ashamed of; we'll save you! Whether it's yellow on yellow or powder blue on baby blue, we'll catch any issues and rescue your design.